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Supply Chain Service

E-card One uses extensive resources, to integrate resource and allocate advantages of resources, help businesses achieve global purchasing and sales in the worldwide, set cards and cards peripheral products purchasing, logistics, information flow, capital flow as one, build a comprehensive one-stop card industry supply chain services, E-card One through product development, raw material procurement, manufacturing, marketing, and supply chain integration advantages, to provide customers with customized product solutions to help companies optimize the existing supply chain structure and sales strategy, reduce costs, improve product quality and core competitiveness.

China Service

In order to meet customer demand,E-card One Shenzhen China supply chain management center, to serve from card manufacturer to retailers and others supply chain companies and third-party logistics enterprises, to provide the most comprehensive one-stop professional services.

Global Service

E-card One depends on global cooperation network services and professional supply chain services to help businesses achieve global card industry worldwide purchasing and sales.

B2B/O2O Sales Solution

During the full process of supply chain, from raw material purchasing to product sales, you can selectively outsource one product or service to E-card One with “zero” cost, E-card One will help you to e-commerce sales on E-card one’s own sales network platform to help you to improve your sales revenue.

Retail Solution

E-card One provides brand prepaid card and loyalty solutions for retail chain enterprise, and provides brand marketing plan through gift cards, shopping cards and membership cards.

Supply Chain Logistics Service

E-card One depends on the logistics industry partners, aim at the demand for global customers, to help enterprise reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance your core competitiveness of enterprises.

Supply Chain Finance Service

E-card One Shenzhen China relies on local financial institutions and cooperation platform organization to provide supply chain financial services for these users who have need.

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