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Brand Enterprise

Brand Caring is an attitude momentum, E-card One use Card as Carrier to build brand momentum for you !


E-card One to meet buyers demand, to use the rich resources in the card industry, to integrate the advantages of resources, to help buyers to optimize the existing supply chain structure, reduce costs, improve product quality and core competitiveness.

Card Manufacturer

In order to meet development marketing of card manufacturer need, E-card One to use the rich card industry’s resources to help the card manufacturer to realize global sales,  and provide marketing promotion customized solutions for card manufacturer, to help achieve the card business worldwide sales, increase sales and core competitiveness in the market.

System Integrators

In order to meet the needs of system integrators, E-card One to use rich resource of card industry, as well as the difference between the market area, to integrate advantages of resources, and providing customized solutions of marketing promotion for system integrators, and enhance core competitiveness.

Retail Chain Enterprise

E-card One provides brand prepaid card and loyalty solutions for retail chain enterprise, and provide brand marketing plan through gift cards, shopping cards and membership cards.

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