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Colorful Smart RFID Silicone Wristbands by Largest Manufacturers

E-card One Technology Co., Ltd. is your very own silicone wristbands manufacturers offering colorful RFID bands. Now you can chose wristbands of your choice and features from our wide range including water proof RFID silicone, PVC disposable bands, disposable medical wristbands, fitness tracker sport smart wristbands etc. You can also order customized bands embossed with your own logo or name in any color of your choice. Our color picker contains thousands of colors and shades from which you can choose any that looks perfect to you. We are the only manufacturers of smart silicone wristbands in china that are made with 100% latex free premium quality silicone rubber.

These wristbands are perfect for fitness tracking, sports, medical assistance, fundraising and for business promotions. E-card One Technology Co., Ltd. is praised by clients worldwide due to very fast productions and unsurpassed quality.  The RFID feature of these bands is an excellent addition used for security purposes as providing authentication and authorizations. Our latest fitness tracker sport smart wristband is a treat to have for athletes to keep track of their heart beats and many other parameters. Disposable medical wrist bands are printable wristbands that obtains the information from the database directly to prevent errors.

Waterproof RFID Colorful Silicone Wristbands

We pride ourselves as a leading waterproof RFID smart colorful silicone wristband manufacturers that supports heart rate monitoring even underwater. One of the most exciting feature of these wristbands is real time evaluating and tracking of your heart beat while recommending exercise that best suits your body. These advance wristband works even when you sleep, it monitors your sleep status and recognizes the optimal time of your sleeping.  At E-card One Technology Co., Ltd. all of our colorful RFID silicone wristbands are designed to get easily synchronized with your smart phones and network to get real time date and useful information on your wrists where ever on the go. As the largest smart wristband manufacturers our quality speaks itself. With our experienced resources and modern manufacturing facility our product quality is ISO standard with a guarantee of long lasting performance and unmatchable durability.

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