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Shenzhen E-card One Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading contact IC card suppliers that prides itself as one of the largest distributors, exporters, and suppliers of the best quality contact IC card supplier. Our range of contact IC cards is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses used for various applications. At Shenzhen E-card One Technology Co., Ltd. With our expertise synchronized with the state of the art machinery, we are now able to provide you highly secure contact cards that are damage free. Contact smart cards come in contact with the machine readers and usually comes in the size of a debit or credit card. As a leading contact IC card suppliers, our cards are equipped with a hi-tech metallic chip that is embedded inside the plastic card with a secure and fast microprocessor that also acts as a memory card. Our range of contact IC smart cards are widely used to grant authorization and authentication for security accesses, electronic point of sales, and as health and loyalty cards. Our cards are definitely the most advanced smart cards of the modern era that includes a heavy-duty 256- byte chip that is write-protected to assure maximum security.

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