How Is Wearable Technology Becoming the Future?

Having technology on you, around you, and inside you, all day is soon going to be the future of this planet were currently living in. Each day we look for new technologies, and new ways of knowing ourselves, and we have a little awareness of whats going on in the cyber inside all of us.
Though its hard to know where theyll all go, its certainly going to be an interesting journey for sure. If we talk about wearable technology today from smart watches to headphones, and digital its just augmenting our awareness of things without getting in the way.
The wearable technology is embedded into something. Companies like smartwatch manufacturers found getting wearable right as a heavy order. To be truly useful, usable and desirable for people. Have you ever imagined how wearable technology can bring commendable progress in future? Lets take a look how it could be beneficial in the following ways;

How would wearable technology be beneficial & useful in future?


In the coming time, the smaller components will be manufactured, the more efficient and powerful they will be in a function. Lets take an example of current wearables like a boom box on your wrist.
In fact, future wearables would be more secreted by adding a thin film inside jewelry to measure activity levels, bio metric data, even, itll also update you since how long youve been typing at a keyboard too long.
Companies like Hexoskin, OMsignal, and AiQ Clothing are already flagging the way with bio metric garments that measure body vitals.


The wearable technical items would be able to personalize in coming a time such as jewelry item. Something that could be useful both as fashion as well as a technical device that could weigh your physical activities.
Companies like Misfit or Cuff that occupy personalized approach to wearable tech. They utilize technology that rests inside a jewelry which a person could select and wear any day.


The wearable technology items would be highly efficient in the future, the most expected is LED light in the ring according to study conducted in 2018. A garment is going to launch by 2018 that will be able to trace chances of breast cancer in ladies.


Lastly, the wearable technology in future would be 1000 times more accurate than current smart gadgets. That wearables would be more accurate in telling how many steps you walked.


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