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RFID Tag Systems And Frequencies

The manufacturers divide RFID frequencies systems into three categories by band within which they operate: low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high frequency. They categorized RFID based on the different frequency arrays. For instance, the Low-frequency RFID manufacturer covers a frequency range from 30 kHz to 300 kHz. The high-frequency RFID manufacturer covers the frequency range around 3 to 30 MHz. moreover, the UHF RFID tag manufacturer deals with very high-frequency bands between 300 MHz to 3 GHz.


The ultra-high frequency RFID tag band covers the range of around 300 MHz and 3 GHz. RAIN RFID tag systems realize with the UHF RFID manufacturer of Gen2 standard and practice a frequency range of about 860 to 960 MHz band. Though there is some variation in frequency from one region to another, RAIN RFID systems in most states operate between approximately 900 and 915 MHz bands.

The read passive UHF tag systems range is as long as 12 m, and ultra-high frequency RFID has a faster data transmission rate than low-frequency tag RFID and high-frequency tag RFID. The ultra-high RFID tag is the most sensitive to interference. Still, several of the UHF tag product producers found various ways of designing tags, projections, and readers to have performance ultra-high under challenging environments.

People use RAIN tag RFID frequently in various applications, ranging from trade inventory management to wireless device formation to pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting. The new RFID tag majority projects use UHF tag as contrasting to low frequency or high-frequency, creating it the fastest-growing section of the tag RFID market.

How Does A UHF Tag RFID System Work?

The RFID reader produces radio waves of specific frequencies by RFID antennas. The waves provide energy to the frequency tags so that they can communicate by making a unique ID. They do not require batteries and people use them for many years. The RFID reader processes the data to incorporate them into the application and offer them meaning. The typical reading range is from 0 to 12 meters. UHF RFID tag systems consist of: readers, antennas, printers, and labels.


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