What Do You Need To Know About Contactless Cards?

What do you think of the name when you hear it for the first time in your life? Contactless credit cards? Doesnt it sound like something utopian where you dont have to contact your bank in case of pin code malfunction, or something you can use without punching your pin code?
No need to swipe in any bank terminal machines, just touch it once and payment transaction is completed!
Yes, it means the same. There is a particular radio frequency technology which runs the entire system of a contactless card. It enables to convey the card users account information wirelessly to a point-of-sale terminal. You just have to keep this smart card 2-3 inches away from the terminal and pay for your purchased goods and services easily.
Superficially, it looks normal, but there are an antenna and chip inside the card. This antenna allows the user to tap their card against the reader or terminal and the transaction is completed. Theres no swiping, or signature required. Now many contactless card manufacturers have started offering this smart card.
Contactless card technology has been in use in the United States since last ten decades, but, it hasn’t gotten on for a few reasons. Stores didn’t have the correct sort of terminals to acknowledge the cards, and notwithstanding when they did, some terminal wasn’t perfect with a few cards.
How Does Contactless card work?
The contactless payments use encryption, and dynamic card verification to prevent cloning and counterfeit cards. During every contactless payment transaction, the computer inside of the card generates a vigorous code that is communicated to the payment terminal. The issuer then validates this unique code and approves the transaction from an authorized reader.
This information cannot be used more than one time. So, if thieves somehow obtained your card information and created a counterfeit card with the stolen data, they will not be able to generate dynamic codes and the transaction will be rejected.

How to Use a Contactless Card?

When it comes to make a payment, just choose your selected products which you are willing to buy and when you see the total amount, just touch your contactless card or device against the terminal. You wont get a receipt, but you will be able to see the transaction on your card statement.

The Role of Contactless Cards & Uses

Contactless technology has been facilitating us for more than twenty years to help us conducting secure, and successful transactions in a quick and efficient way. Contactless cards will not stick to the same position, but it is expected to expand and become even more widely used in the coming years.
This smart technology is used by massive people every day in bank payment cards, identity cards, passports, and transit fare cards for secure, and convenient transactions.


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