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For people who are interested in different types of item identifications, RFID is a big buzz. Now, reliable barcode has been an identification choice tactic. These tags have served several businesses for decades. However, RFID Inlay Manufacturer continues to grow vigorously now. While RFID is not a suitable replacement for barcodes in all situations, this offers some benefits that you want to take for your business. Implementing RFID is a more complex option in business than using simple barcoding when you do not know its actual importance and usage.

Different types of RFID:

There are 3 different types of RFID and each of them has its benefits and limitations. ID industry in the auto is the most common as well as useful to understand how to distinguish between each type of RFID.

Low-frequency RFID:

This type of RFID operates at the range of 135kHz and also has a very short range of reading like 1 inch or just 2 inches generally. Low-frequency RFID needs contact with a reader to read or in other words to capture the data. This type of RFID is not useful for product tracking. You can find this type embedded in IDs or other key Fob applications to control parking, access control, event attendance management, ticketing, authentication, and card payment.

High-frequency RFID:

13.56MHz is the operation range of high-frequency RFID. This type has a reading range of about 2 inches but in some specialized readers and greater tags, it can reach almost the range of 3ft. these tags have very few interference issues as compare to the ultra-high frequency RFID. This is one of the good solutions because of the limited range for small material tagging on the automated lines. High-speed reading is possible which has made high frequency a perfect option in healthcare environments where small samples require to be read.

Ultra-high frequency:

Ultra-high frequency type of RFID functions between the range of 902-928 MHz these have the ranges of reading up to the 10ft approximately. This has become one of the most used Auto-ID applications options because of its long-range of reading and amazing costs. They have comparatively more interference issues but their well-designed system overcomes the issues.


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