Choosing the Best Contactless Card Machine For Your Business

Contactless card machine is one the best example of successful technologies in the corporate world, as it has totally lifted the bar of e-commerce, or B2C businesses making user-friendly and convenient business operation for your company as well as for your customers.
Do you know the majority of customers in the UK only prefer those super Markets and other such places that enable them to pay via contactless cards?
A big thanks to contactless card manufacturers for introducing such innovative notion to incorporate in B2C businesses. However, there are multiple types of contactless card machines, among which the best one we have enlisted below to help you choose the best one.
Have a look;

Top Contactless Card Machines for your Business



The PayPal terminal is the best option for all kinds of business particularly e-commerce ones. Why? Because this transaction machine is cheap, and instantly clears all payments into your PayPal account.
Moreover, the PayPal Here card machine has no monthly fees and no fixed contract.

Contactless Portable Card Machine

The portable contactless card machine is highly recommended for its speed, specifically, the Ingenico iWL series delivers a super quick payment method.
It is best for cafes, nightclubs, and restaurants as these locations allow card terminal to be used remotely within a fixed location.

Countertop Credit Card Terminal

Also known as static card machine, this countertop credit card terminal is an ever-popular unit which is frequently used in a retail setting for one simple fact reliability. A countertop is already a contactless machine.
The countertop card machine can be easily connected through a PSTN or direct IP feed with the debit card reader that automatically establish a connection.

Wi-Fi Contactless Card Machine

This type of contactless card machine is widely used by restaurants, retail shops, and hairdressers where a card payment needs to be taken away from a counter.
No hardwired phone lines are required with this unit alike countertop card machine, and this terminal can be used anywhere in the range of the Wi-Fi signal.


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